Entry #2

Nothing Important.

2010-11-26 09:52:40 by Rocker713

Nothing Important, as the title suggests - Just pratting around on the site - Updating stuff and looking to start animating again. Had a break for about 2 years from the site and grown a lot in skill!


Anyway - felt that my Page needed an update. lol, Had to make a post to remove the previous one!



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2011-07-11 09:30:37

and you posted this because.................


2011-07-19 09:30:19

You have thre things in common with this pos t one you're useless tow you're useless and three you're useless. By the all people who are reading this THE POST IS A LIE HE JUST GAVE UP ON US! HE HAS NO SKILL AT ALL HE IS JUST A LAZY ANIMATOR WHO DOESN'T WANNA MAKE FLASHES ANY MORE! YEAH! I SAID IT! LAZY!